Right is Right

Have you heard the saying “It is always the right time to do the right thing?” This truth is easier said than done for some people. What if the right thing causes hurt to someone you love? Would you do the wrong thing to protect your loved human?

Just as hearing the truth is sometimes painful, doing the right thing is sometimes difficult to do. It is especially concerning if you doing the right thing causes pain to someone else.

I have done the right thing and dealt with the fall out. I have also done the wrong thing to protect those who I love.

I can tell you from experience, doing the right thing was always the best choice. It was not always easy and it wasn’t always painless. More often than not though I wish I had done the right thing sooner. Waiting to do the right thing often caused more pain than if I had just done it at the start.

By doing the wrong thing, whatever the reason usually caused more pain and suffering.

What would you do if your person’s life was at stake? What if doing what was right would hurt them terribly? What if the one hurt by the thing was you?

Do what’s right, leave the rest to God.

The right thing is never wrong.

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  1. So so true


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