Things to Do At Home

This week’s thoughts will revolve around things to do while at home while we are sheltering in place. I have seen so many lists of things to clean and work tasks to do at home.

I say pish posh pot on that!

Let’s think up fun things to do that add value and happiness to our lives. Now if you enjoy organizing and cleaning, I get it. Go ahead and clean till you are exhausted. No shame in that. I would rather have fun. Those other tasks will be there when you get around to them.

There are so many things we can do that will make someone happy, including ourselves. I will explore one idea each day starting tomorrow.

So, for today’s thought of the day I will leave you with this.

Think of being quarantined at home as an opportunity to reconnect with the ones you love. If you are lucky enough to be with them, snuggle them. Unless they are sick then love them from a safe distance. Hug them in your heart. If you are not with your loved ones because they live far away, use the time to reconnect with them using all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips.

Remember, this is a temporary situation, not our final destination.

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