Hide Nothing

Photo by George Keating on Pexels.com

There was a time when I hid things. I thought being secretive was to protect myself or to make things better. Sometimes it was to keep from hurting someone else, or at least I thought so. Usually it was worse when the person found out what I hid.

I thought that being more open would bring me more trouble and cause more harm to those I loved. Just the opposite happened. I find that I am still cautious about hurting others, however, I don’t feel the pull to protect myself.

Today I am transparent. I don’t take the criticism from what others think too personal. Their opinions and feelings are theirs, not mine.

My life is an open book. You can know just about anything about me. If it is none of your business I will kindly let you know without making excuses. I discovered I can be open and honest without hurting myself or others. Openness takes balance.

Being open, upfront and honest was a terrifying thought but now I cherish the freedom.

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