Don’t Argue over the Small Stuff

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Why is it that most of the arguments in a home between family are started over small insignificant things? Things like whose turn to clean something, why did that person do the thing, or why did they not do the other thing.

When you feel the tingle of that urge to criticise a family member for something done or left undone, run it through this test first.

Is it an important thing that can not wait? Will it hurt me or make things worse in some way if take care of it myself or ignore it?

If the answers to both is no, then just take care of it yourself or ignore it. Show initiative and move on.

Often we pick battles that are misguided and have negative results. That does no good for us or our loved ones.

Save your concern and arguments for the important stuff. The stuff that needs discussion. Then talk it through like a respectful human.

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