One day at a Time

We have all heard the advice about taking days one at a time. It is the foundation of most twelve step programs. I am on a program of my own for the next twelve days as I prepare for hand surgery.

A “pantser” is someone who, “flies by the seat of their pants,” meaning they don’t plan out anything, or plan very little. For blog posts I am a panster. It means I put my behind in the seat of a chair, not much pre-planning and I write. There is often much praying and snacks involved. Other projects like novels, books, articles, and family vacations take a lot of planning. I am a sucker for a nice tight itinerary. I am a combination panster and planner, a Planster.

How do you get through the days? Do you have a plan ahead or a fly day by day personality?

There are pros and cons to both processes, planning or not. Planning is fine if you have a flexible nature and can adjust in a moment when things do not go the way of the plan. There is some security in a plan and a schedule. If you are a non-planner, you have to know that some things require a set notice and schedule. Like doctor appointments, work schedules, vacations, novels, and weddings.

Having a one day at the time perspective works with either a plan or not. I wake up each morning with a idea of my day. Some days are planned out more than others. I get through that day, sleep and wake up to do it again the next. There are some days that aren’t even a day at the time but a mere hour by hour, then the next. I do not let a plan or non-plan stress me out either way.

The trick is being an adjustable human. Plan when you must and enjoy the thrill of adventure when you fly by your pants.

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