Will You Ever Fall in Love?

Yes and no.

Love is a verb. Love has levels. Love is either there or it is not. You choose to love.

I believe that love is an action you choose. However, I also know I fell in love with my husband. I fell in love when I looked into the eyes of my children, my grand babies and my puppy.

See what I mean about levels?

Can I choose not to love my husband, my children or my grandchildren? Yes. It would be near to impossible for me to live without them, but I suppose that I could harden my heart towards them. I can also choose not to inflict that sort of pain on myself. I would rather not live without my puppy either.

When love is real the choice is an easy one. If the choice is difficult then it is not real love that you are feeling. Lust, need, want, and self centered desire all masquerade as love.

Just because someone says the words does not mean that they truly love you. Pay close attention to their actions.

Choose carefully where you choose to place your love.

One response to “Will You Ever Fall in Love?”

  1. Keith A Lawrence Avatar
    Keith A Lawrence

    So very True!


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