Spiritual Tired

I am bone tired. I can’t think. All I can do is sigh and try to keep my eyes from closing. Last night I went to bed before dark. I woke up after hours of sleep and still felt like I could not stay awake. What is this exhaustion? It is a weird tired. A deep relentless tired that will not be negotiated with.

Sometimes we get tired all the way to our bones, but a spiritual tired is something different. It is a weariness of motivation. It is linked with depression, has been mistaken for depression, but is something entirely different. You can be depressed and not be spiritually tired. You can be depressed and spiritually tired.

When you are tired in your spirit, things that you were important to you are no longer important. You feel aimless, directionaless, and utterly alone. See how spiritually tired and depression can be similar?

Spiritually tired people go through the motions of being reverent. They may attend church or not. They may pray or not. They may meditate on God and they may not. THey may look and sound exactly as they always do. It is in the edges of their tone, in the dimness of their eyes and the bend of their shoulders. It is difficult to see in others and even harder sometimes to see in yourself. It is that, “What is wrong with me?” That you can’t put your finger one just yet.

One attribute of spiritually tired is stagnation.You are not growing as a person of faith. You are sitting and spinning in your spiritual journey.

It is at these times that we must simply rest in God. Let love fill you. Stop with the business of being a Christian and just sit with God. No praying. No singing, no worship, no asking and no church.

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalms 46:10

Sit in peace and wait.

If you are not listening, God will toss you on your backside and make you stop. God will make you spiritually tired, spiritually drained, so you have no other choice but to rest.

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