A Scholar of You

How does a person become a scholar of anything?

I am educated so I know how the system works. You study and publish paper after paper, after paper, after paper. You network and earn respect from your peers. After an undetermined period time if you are diligent, work hard, and pay your proverbial dues you become an expert in your field.

I find it strange that anyone would want to become a Scholar of certain things and just how does one become a Scholar of grief, joy, or cheese?

It is virtually limitless the things you can become an expert in if you put enough time and study into the thing.

What if we humans put that much effort into learning about ourselves?

How well do you really know yourself? How much of what makes you tick do you ignore as just how you are without knowing the why?

Take some time to give the concept of knowing yourself some thought. What you may learn as you study who you are and what you really want to do with yourself, may surprise you.

Discover who you really are and be true to that person.

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