Video Games are a Time Suck…

and maybe that is what we need right now. Maybe the diversion will help us get through this social distancing desperation.

Listen, y’all. I do not play video games. I have seen friends become just as addicted to video games as others are to alcohol and drugs. Yes, that is a moral reason not to play; however, I am not morally against them. I think they are cool. I am often amaze at the graphics and realism of them.

The reason I don’t play them is they are a time vortex. You sit down and hours, sometimes a full day later, you emerge from the fog of whatever world you have been engrossed.

Also, to be fair I have similar experiences with social media. How many times have you sat down to check email and in a matter of what seems like moments realize you have spent thirty minutes on Facebook, another quarter hour on Twitter and yet another hour on Pinterest? It is late afternoon and you haven’t decided what is for dinner and haven’t had a shower.

Guilty as charged.

I am not saying don’t ever play games, just be a responsible player. All the countless hours spent in a fantasy word could be spent with family, being creative or doing just about anything in the real world.

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