Luck? No, Thank You.

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I believe in human free will and initiative. If you want something to happen make it happen. I hear those who know me asking, “What about prayer? You believe in prayer.”

Yes, I do. I believe in thanking God, by whatever name you choose to invoke, for things you need and asking if it is the will of God for the things you want to happen. God is not like Santa. We can give God a list of wants, but if it is not supposed to come to us, it won’t.

Wait, now you are confused.

How do initiative and prayer work together? Aren’t they opposite each other? Not at all. There is this little thing called faith that is also in this equation.

If you are using that free will initiative and praying about it, but still something is not going the way you want it too, maybe you aren’t listening close enough to your answer to that prayer. Maybe that thing you so desire to happen is not the will of God. Maybe you can make it happen anyway, maybe not. Maybe it is the faith you are lacking.

I can promise you this, if you claim to be a child of God to invoke the Blessing of God, and you function outside of that divine Will on your own initiative, things will end badly for you.

Think about your initiative, actions, desires, and your spiritual self, line those things up with your core beliefs and see what happens.

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