What is Wrong With You?

I have seen this post all over social media lately that says, “Tell those you love that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised.” It has a few different variations, but we have all seen it.

A friendly reminder that life is short. Death is inevitable. Not everyone you love knows you love them.

What is wrong with you that you are not telling loved ones how valuable they are every chance you get and you have to be reminded, often?

Show love in all you do. Make a habit of showing humans how much you love them, either directly or indirectly. Make a life that radiates love in all that you do. Care for the least of humanity, even the ones who are difficult to love. Love everyone. Love your favorite people so much there is no room for doubt.

There is no evil in the world that can not be stopped in one way or another with an action rooted in love.

Love is the only way to survive this existence. Make it your mantra, your filter for everything you say or do for everyone and yourself.

Love radically.

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