No Sin in Slowing Down

Go go go…do that thing, then the next then the next…go go go…


There is no productivity in constant motion. There is loss of efficiency in multitasking. Being tired is not anyway to live.

Sometimes we have to simply stop. Take a day to do nothing. You know this. Like me you probably say that you don’t have time and move on to the next thing.

Take a day off. Do it anyway.

Now take that day off one step further. Do not use that day to think about what is on your To Do list. Do not spend the time resting your body but not your brain.

Do this instead, lay on the bed with your person. Talk. Laugh. Listen to music. Play Would You Rather and Have You ever, and other games that involve only talking.

Have children? So what. Have them come lay down too and let them come and go as they wish all day. Maybe they eat cake for breakfast. Maybe they spend a bit longer on the TV. so what?

Have a lazy day. Rest your brain and your body. All that go go go will be waiting for tomorrow.

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