Because You Deserve It

In my novel Almost There the main character Brianna Sabine Dario has the belief that she is not worthy of happiness. Throughout her story we see her pursue it. She longs for happiness like an addict. The thought of being happy terrifies her. She thinks she isn’t worthy of it and denys herself happiness. When she gets close to attaining a joyful life she bolts away.

How many of us can relate to the feeling of not being worthy? We sometimes wallow in the difficult situations in our life because we feel we do not deserve better. We laminate over the sadness and accept it as just how life is meant to be. We let the bad things we did, the mistakes we made and the sadness of regret to rob us of happiness we rightly deserve.

This is a device of evil. Happiness can exist even when we are stressed and life is beating us up. We can and should embrace happiness when it happens. Even if the world is crashing down on us if we grab that one thing, that one blessing that makes us smile and gives us a reason to hope, we will come through the storm successfully.

Believe that you are worthy and deserve happiness. Fervently pursue it and do not settle for less.

~ Lori O’Gara

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