Love and Sex

Well Hello. Now that I have your attention, let’s be honest. How many of you are dreading Valentine’s Day? Ah, February, month of love and undue pressure to either a) have a significant other to take on a romantic dinner date or b) buy that significant other some trinket that says just how much you love/like them or c) for some humans Valentine’s Day is a guaranteed sex day, like on an anniversary or birthday. I kid you not.

How about we just skip it?

No? Is it so that you can get/give an amazing gift, have a dinner date or spend some alone time with your person? You do not need a special day for that. Just pick a day and say, “Today is the day.” Here’s a fun fact, you can have more than one!

Look, I like romantic surprises, date night and sex just like anyone else. I just think that saving the romance for Valentine’s Day, my birthday or one of our two…wait three? (counts on fingers) Yes, three, anniversaries because everyone else in our society is doing it that way is silly. Would you jump off a bridge if…did you hear that? I think I heard my mother’s voice.

Yes, those things are fun. Yes, I love chocolate, wine, and fuzzy stuffed bears. However, it would be even more fun to be surprised on a random day for no reason than than I am loved.

Be original. Be radical. Be spontaneous.

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