Ever Have You Ever

Have you ever been so completely exhausted that even after a good sleep you are still tired?

Me too!

Sometimes I can attribute my exhaustion to my own bad decisions. In that case it is all my fault. Sometimes I am just plain tired and I need to snuggle my puppy or my husband. Other times I just need to take some “me time”. (I hate that phrase. Me time? Verses I steal time from someone who is not me?)

At least bad decisions and bad days make for good stories later. Like the time I was so tired I left home with makeup on one side of my face, a tissue stuck in my bra and a sock hanging out of the top of my sweater…Never mind that was a bad example and I do not wear makeup anymore.

Forget that story, here is the above mentioned puppy. Husband not pictured.

Take my advice.

Sleep when you can. Do what you can do for yourself when you can. Give your family the time they deserve. If you make a bad decision, write it down for a good story. You may need it to make yourself sound interesting at a party or job interview later.

~Lori O’Gara

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