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Change is Required

When someone looks at you and says, "Wow you have changed." Say, "Yes, we humans do that." People are supposed to change. If you stay the same you get bored and stagnant. Life would be dull and colorless. Change is is a good thing. Embrace it. Move toward it. Learn to like change.

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Day 108

Being a human #108 Humans are allowed to make mistakes. These mistakes are not losses if you learn from the result. The product of mistakes do not make up the entirety of your story. You are more than your mistakes.

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Life is better unscripted.

I love when good things happen unexpectedly. It is often small things that make me happy. A spontaneous hug or kiss from my favorite human can make my day. A letter or card from a friend in the mailbox always makes me smile. Let's not get so caught up in all the chaos of this… Continue reading Life is better unscripted.