Day 86

Today we had a No Screen Day. It was challenging and fun. We went to a park and played, had a picnic lunch, and went to a bookstore. When we got home we read and napped. I found that I was the one who missed my screen. The kids didn’t even ask until we were home.

We plan to do this more often. Most experts, I am not sure what makes them experts or what they are expert in, these people recommend at least one unplugged day a week. The experts also recommend going to a place with little to no phone reception to see how you feel, setting Do Not Disturb apps on your devices, and scheduling no-screen times during the day.

A screen fast gives your body the physical rest it needs and gives your brain a rest from media multitasking. The biggest benefit is the present-moment awareness. You think you are paying attention, but in reality you will always miss something when you are focused on your phone.

No screens is good for me. I will have to repeat this over and over and over…..

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