The Best Laid Plans

Take a moment today to rest and think about your path. Where are you going? What are your plans? Maybe you do not have a plan. Do you need a plan?

I am more of a day by day person. I tend to not make plans far off in to the future. Doctor’s appointments and such are an exception. It works for me on most things. I am more of a fan of tentative plans that if they change I am not upset or wracked with anxiety. I had to make the decision to change to this lifestyle.

Before this new day to day life, I was a planner with a strict itinerary. I would have panic attacks when plans changed. Not any more.

Think about how you plan your life. Maybe you should consider a new plan.

One response to “The Best Laid Plans”

  1. I’m also a day by day kinda girl. Somebody once asked me what my 5 year plan was and was shocked when I said I didn’t have one. Why do I need one? Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. I prefer to live in the moment of now 🙂

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