Simple is as Simple Does

I am on a personal quest for simple. Everything in life should be simple.

I want people in my life to mean what they say, do what the say they will do and say what they mean in simple easy words. No explanations necessary. I want to open a closet or a drawer and not have things fall on my feet. A place for everything and everything in its place. I want food to be easy to prepare to nourish my body and not increase the fat cells I am banishing from my life. I would like to sit down to a piece of technology and have it work smoothly as advertised. PC is called PC because it is perpetually corded. I would like children to say “Yes Ma’am” when I ask them to do something that they were supposed to do and them go actually do the thing without delay or follow up required. I would like for words to seamlessly flow from my head to my fingers onto the page with no blood loss. I want house hunting, financing, and moving to be done in that order promptly and without finding a fly in the kitchen. I would like everything to be as easy and peaceful as the relationship I have with my husband.

Lord, hear my prayer.

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