Some People are Just Mean

I am a little late on the post today because family always comes first. We all had a case of cabin fever, so we donned masks and went to a bookstore.

Here we are my husband, me and five of our children walking into the store masks on, chatting and laughing. There were very few people in there with masks on and no gloves to be seen except on the staff. Total staff and customers there are less than twenty people in the big box store I will not name, seven in my family.

A lady not wearing a mask, huffed at us, glowered and shook her head. My thought was immediately, “Wow, you should smile. Don’t worry about me and my kids.” I did not say a word to her. I smiled and then realized, oh, yeah she can’t see it.

Unfortunately she was not the only weird look we got. Several of the few no maskers there gave us strange looks. I even double checked to see if my husband was wearing one of his kilts. That sometimes gets funny looks from Florida folks, but no he was in shorts. I am amazed at the non-chanlautness people are displaying over the seriousness of getting a virus. Either way, what is it to them if we have masks on? Our health is our responsibility.

I am not an expert, however, I think we should not stop living because we might get sick. There were viruses before this new one and this will not be the last one. We need to be smart about what we do to protect ourselves and others.

My opinion is just my opinion, so you do you and we will wear masks.

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