Almost my Everything

Who is your person? Every human should have one person. That one who you can count on and trust through everything. I am sorry to say that for most people, it is a risky venture to choose a person.

I have chosen wrong a few times. I have trusted people, some for many years, just to be betrayed. It hurt, hurt like hell. One or two I never got over. They made it difficult to trust again, but I did trust again.

It is always worth the risk to trust one more time.

I have that one person. I am lucky, no..I am blessed enough to be married to him.

All you can do is find that one person, that ride or die, that Thelma to your Louise and give them all you’ve got.

You might live to regret it, but you might not. You might find yourself at the end of your life, sliding into the grave with them holding your hand smiling.

You might get lucky and hear them say, “Damn what a crazy ride that was. Wanna go again?”

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