It’s Not About Money

When I started writing and publishing I thought that I would be successful and make a decent living at it. While it is true that I have sold more than a few books, I still have a job as a librarian. I do not live off the money I make writing and I am ok with that.

Shady people promote blogging as a get rich scheme all the time. They promise that if you follow their formula you will pull in a steady monthly income. That magic formula is a secret only they know and they will sell it to you at a huge discount but only if you get it today! Don’t believe it.

Why do I write?

I write because I must write. It is in my DNA. It is like breathing.

I write to share life with people. I write to connect with you, dear reader.

If you ever begin to do what you love only for money, you will be a failure. No matter what it is, do it for a human reason, a real reason, and you will be successful.

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