Saturday-I am thankful for…

laughter. This is the last of my thankful birthday week posts so I want to share with you what happened when I got to have not one but two birthday cakes.

I decided it is my birthday, I do what I want!

I decided when I wanted to eat cake I would eat cake. I had a work cake I cut and ate with my staff on Wednesday for breakfast. Then I got a cake for home. The home cake I ate right before dinner with the O’Gara children all around. That’s right cake, before real food.

What I noticed when cutting both cakes was that there was much laughter surrounding the cake. Even before the first bite was on a fork, people were laughing and chatting with each other. It was the belly laugh of genuine happiness.

Then I remembered, I am an adult. I can get cake whenever I want. I can create spontaneous laughter with cake whenever…I …want!. I now have a secret weapon. (Insert evil laugh.)

Think about the things you do for fun. Who says you have to do fun things like everyone else.

Eat dessert first or have spaghetti for breakfast. Wear a costume on a Tuesday and stroll down your neighborhood street. Hang Christmas lights in the summertime. Invite your favorite person for wine instead of coffee at 8am(not on a workday). Have a dance party in the rain or wash your car in the rain. Lay on the roof to see the stars.

Why not?

Enjoy life and do not wait for your birthday to do it!

Happy Birthday to Me! It has been a great week!

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