Maybe you are Person-Sick

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Do you ever get that feeling that you do not belong? Like maybe you are homesick, but your not away. When you think about it you can’t say what you are homesick for because when you look around you realize you are home. Maybe you aren’t homesick but person sick. Maybe you miss your person.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

I miss my human when I go to work. All I want to do is go home to where he is, however, I have bills and I like to eat. I stay at work do my job. A job I like a lot by the way. It is my happy place away from home, however, my heart belongs with my person. It is depressing if I let it seep into my crazy thought process. Then I begin to wonder does he even miss me. I know he does. He tells me he misses me and I believe him.

Do not apologize for missing a person or being person-sick. You love your person for a reason. If they are your other half it makes sense that when you are separated you would miss them. A day, an hour, a month makes no difference. Separation is separation. When you find your person and then you are not with them it is like missing an arm.

Go back to your person as soon as you can. Tell them you missed them.

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