Stay Curious

Remember being a kid and wanting to know everything? If you have kids you can hear it, right? That insatiable question over and over again.


When you are the kid and you asked why it was because you really wanted to know.

Depending on the response you got from the adult or person you asked, you may not be so curious any more. If they said, “Stop asking stupid questions!” or told you that you asked too many questions, you may have squashed your curiosity.

If you lost that curious instinct, do whatever you have to do to get it back. I don’t care if you are five years old or eighty five. Find that spark to reignite your curiosity. Find it now. Hold on to it tight.

When you are curious, you see new possibilities, different ways to do the same old thing and you see what can be.

Curiosity is a key to happiness.

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