Ignore Him, That Works

Why is it that so many women, I guess men too, think that ignoring their spouse or partner is the way to fix a problem or win an argument?

Last I checked most humans can’t read minds. Love doesn’t work that way.

People need to know what the problem is to correct it.

It’s pretty simple you have to tell them what needs fixing. If you are mad, tell them. If you want or need attention, tell them. If it is their turn to take out the trash, tell them. If you are mad, tell them. Your relationship will be better if you communicate.

Want to read more, check out Lori’s newest article on Medium.

One response to “Ignore Him, That Works”

  1. […] you are nagging him about what he is doing or worse, sitting at home ignoring him to teach him a lesson, you are not focused on […]


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