Just Like That…

I made a decision to simplify my life. I started with small things like marking unnecessary emails as junk. Then using a calendar on my phone to track places to be and important things to do. Then slowly making changes in my diet that are small yet healthy.

One thing at a time. One small change, then the next…

The trick is handling the thing that is the concern at that moment in front of you and not putting it off saying, “Later.”

Later becomes never.

Today I took my TBR (to be read) list of 300 plus books and looked at it realistically. If I didn’t remember why a book was listed I deleted it. Am I really going to read an old anthology of metaphysical poetry right now? Maybe later, it is one of my favorite subjects. I removed it with several other books and just like that my TBR list is 23 books long.

A simple life comes in downsizing not only what is in your physical environment, but your virtual and inner (body, mind, and spirit) environments too.

Small steps. Big results.

Photo by Julian Dutton on Unsplash

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