Watch Your Mouth

Photo by Designecologist on
Photo by Designecologist on

I am not one to over use profanity. It will slip out sometimes. I have always thought it detracts from who I really am when I use a word that is vulgar.

On the flip side I am not a prude. I will not wilt if someone says one in front of me. I have been known to write them in my novels, if the situation deems it or if the character would use it. Still, it is lazy writing, I admit it.

What I do have an issue with is people using profanity because they are to lazy to find an appropriate substitution. Say everything on purpose. Speak deliberately. I mean did you really mean to call that person a female dog or are you sure you really didn’t mean that they were a spiteful narcissist? Did you intend to say that person was a poky bit of a cactus when you called him a prick or did you want to say he was an arrogant ungrateful louse? There are so many ways to say a thing without the use of a swear word.

There is added value when using a fancy word too. If you use an uncommon word it will make the listener think you are very intelligent. Also, Shakespeare has some really funny insults, if you so need one.

If you must use a curse word, make it count for a solid reason and save them to use sparingly.

I challenge you to listen to your use of spoken language. Strive to speak with a unique set of vocabulary.

Claim it and make it your own.

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