Adventure is a Requirement

Life is hard. It will knock you down and spit in your face. You must be ready for anything. How do you make that happen?

Make a conscience decision to put adventure in your life. Find challenges that stretch your mind. Bring the sense of wonder back to your day to day routine. Take control of life before it takes you under.

Stress, work, responsibilities, problems they will find you.

Love, adventure, happiness, fun, the good stuff in life must be found.

After you read this, turn off the electronic device and go find aventure. The funny thing about adventure, it will not come find you. It is part of the good stuff.

You must be brave. You must be creative. You must make time.

Start slow. Don’t climb a mountain. Start with a walk. Don’t throw a seven course meal dinner party. Take a cooking class first. Don’t go surfing. Take a swim in the ocean first. Actually, swim every chance you get.

Adventure is a requirement of happiness.

Try it, I dare you.

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