Day 28

Exhaustion can come in different forms. You can be physically tired and an hour or two nap makes you feel better. Maybe not ready to go grocery shopping better, but less exhausted. You can be bone weary. That takes several hours of sleep to fix. There is brain exhaustion. A tired mind can’t keep thoughts straight. When you get a combination of brain tired and bone weary you can be a comical human. Words come out in unintentional ways. Your body moves in weird configurations.

Then there is stress tired that can come from dealing with good or bad stress. Usually stress tired makes humans want to crash in a dead sleep in the middle of the afternoon wherever the land or become a puddle of sadness. A sadness puddle looks like a human curled up the fetal position in a weeping wet mess on the floor. The person may emit strange sobbing sounds.

Today I am brain tired and good stress tired. Not a sadness puddle yet.

How do you handle different types of exhaustion?

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