Homeless Can Happen to anyone, even You.

On this day some years ago, I was moving my now husband into my apartment. He was living in a car at no fault of his own. Circumstances and a not so nice person had caused him to be in a bad situation that was temporary. He and I both knew he was in one of those rough spots that comes along when you aren’t prepared for it. He had a plan to get out of it, however, he needed help. That’s where I stepped in and offered it.

Not everyone who loved me understood my reasons for helping a homeless friend. I did not let their lack of empathy stop me from doing the right thing. Homelessness can happen to anyone. You may be one payday away from it yourself. Wasn’t Jesus homeless most of his life dependent on the kindness of strangers?

My husband says I saved him. Maybe I did. Truth is I believe he saved me.

Today I have the type of husband that most woman wish for, a house full of children I didn’t know I could love so much and a happy life that was unexpected.

When you help someone out of compassion and kindness, with no expectation for reward or praise, some how God aligns the universe for you to receive blessings you never knew you wanted or needed.

Be kind, even when the other humans in your world think you are insane. Do right by those who need you even if society tells you that you will never be repaid for your compassion.

Do what you can for the least among us and you will be blessed.

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