Mother Nature is Talking

Can you hear that? Listen to the sounds. The noise. 

 It is the sound of life as we know it falling down around us. We are no longer safe in our own homes. We can’t go to the store without worrying if we will catch a deadly virus that we will bring home with the groceries. There is no cure. People are acting like the government caused it and others are complaining that the powers of man won’t do anything to get rid of it. 

It is a nasty natural thing. There are others, but this one is new. It is a virus.

 Maybe it is nature’s way of saying she is pissed at how we have been treating her and get the hell off her back already humans. 

What can we do? Follow the guidelines and hope that we make it out of this with our health and most of our family intact.


That is what we have to hold on to right now. Hope the virus dies off. Hope that people do the right thing.

But wait…..

There’s more…..

Hear that shattering glass, screaming, and chanting? A black man was killed by a cop. The cop was white. He was arrested along with some other cops who watched it happen. They did nothing to stop it, was he innocent or not? Doesn’t matter….they did nothing. Now people are trying to fix that, make it better by looting innocent merchants’ stores of goods. Stealing what they want. The dead man’s brother is pleading for the violence to stop. It can’t bring back a life. Stealing, killing, beating each other can not bring back a life. 

All life matters. All humans are important. All humans deserve a more stable, safer society than what we have now.

HOPE. We need to hold on to the hope that things will get better.

This world of ours is sad. Mother nature is talking.

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