Memory Serves Us

2020 has proven to be a year we will all want to forget. War, famine, pandemic, racism, brutality, wildfires…and the year is only five months in. There is more to come that is certian.

The truth is that yes this year has been over eventful, but there have been other years like this. We tend to forget them after they pass. We humans have short but long memories. We will remember this year for awhile then it to will fade into the past. When a new weird year comes we will say it reminds us of 2020. All we can do is try to hold on to the lessons and do our best not to repeat the mistakes.

I have one question, where is God while we complain about 2020 being the year of weird?

How we react and how we deal with 2020 is on us. We use our free will to do right and wrong.

And God is watching us.

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