Do you Believe in Luck?

If a circus performer wanted to be sure he or she would have good luck during a performance, they would keep a single hair of an elephant’s tail in their pocket.

We are given free will to pursue our life within the confines of our situation. We can change our situation. It is not that we have the ability to change others, rules or fixed things like laws. It is the ability to maneuver around and in the confines we find ourselves in that we create a life.

When good things happen or things work out for us we say we are lucky. If we run into one of those fixed things we say we are unlucky.

Where does that leave belief in God and in blessings from heaven?

To blindly believe God is going to bless us just because we say we have faith is the same as believing a elephant’s hair will keep us lucky.

I do not believe in luck. Nor do I believe in faith without action.

Look at Job. He was the most faithful of God’s people. He was certainly not lucky. Yet, his faith remained. He lost everything except faith. He never denounced God. He did not disobey God. He continued to live a life for God.

We have to make an effort to create a life worth living no matter if we are lucky, blessed or not. We were not promised an easy blessed or lucky life. We weren’t even promised a life on this earth at all. Look at how many people are killed because they will not denounce their faith in God.

Luck or blessings?

What do you believe?

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