Never Again

I have lost so many friends over my lifetime. Sometimes it was my fault and other times life just happened. After the last painful betrayal of my best friend, I made a decision to never put myself in a situation that allows someone to break my heart again.

It is human nature to either trust completely or not at all. It is difficult to find the line that is safe for your feelings but not so untrusting that you avoid human contact.

For me, I put all my trust in my husband. It is not that surface trust that I give everyone else. He is my person. I trust him completely. Maybe I am naive to think he will never hurt me. I know he is just a human and not the superhero I like to think he is. Still, I trust him.

Do you have many friends? Do you trust easy? DO you have that one friend you trust beyond everyone else?

I can’t give you advice as to who to trust, you have to figure this one out for yourself. I can tell you this much. I trust everyone and no one, but my husband is the only one I truly trust.

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