Stop Hiding Behind Rules

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I like rules. I like the consistency of knowing that I can do anything and if I choose to not do a thing, the consequences are known. If I speed and get a ticket, I pay a fine. If I don’t do the things my employer expects and follow the rules, I will be unemployed.

I like rules so much that my husband and I sat down with our children as a family and created house rules. The kids had a voice in writing the rules. These rules are printed and posted on the fridge. Any adult or child who comes into our home to spend more than a few minutes with us gets introduced to the O’Gara House Rules.

Rules keep my family safe.
There are many types of rules, man made and natural. Rules have uses that are to keep us safe, keep us happy and keep life moving as it should. These rules are necessary and have value.

There are two realms where rules are not helpful or needed. The creative realm and the spiritual realm. All of these are natural situations where rules were applied unnecessarily by humans.

Rules in these aspects of your life will kill your creativity and spirituality.

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