Are you safe?

I feel safe. I know it is nothing more than a feeling. What makes me feel safe is the trust I have in humans. I trust my family to do as they should. I trust my coworkers, my employer and others to do as they should. It is all just a feeling and I hope that the odds are in my favor. I could be completely wrong.

It is at times like these that I lean on faith. Yes, faith in God and also faith in humanity. Like trust, faith is fragile. Faith is the bind trust without proof.

I can ask someone to prove that they are trust worthy but having faith is all on my shoulders. Either I have faith or I do not.

Humans fail each other damaging trust and faith.

Faith and trust are edges of the same sword. Once cut by it, both faith and trust are easily lost.

I know that God has never failed me and my husband has never failed me. I trust that my husband will never let me down in the future, though he is human and he could. I know without doubt that God has never failed me and will never fail me. Years of experience with solid faith has taught me I can trust God.

You choose where to place your trust and your faith. I can’t decide nor convince you to trust a person or God. It is all on you.

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