Procrastination Can Be Helpful

My husband is the adult in the house who cooks. I can cook and I am good at it. He is better. I bake, so cookies cakes and pies are my thing and he cooks most meals.

I had to step away from writing. I am going through a bit of a writer’s block. I decided to organize our pantry.

By stepping away from my current work in progress (my next novel) which uses my creative brain and shifting to my logical brain to organize vegetables by type it opened up some pathways to my writing. I mean, I am not knocking out a huge word count, but the dreaded blinking cursor is moving again.

When you find you are in a rut, stuck and not moving forward, take a step back and do something completely unrelated. Procrastinate on purpose. See if that gets your other project back in focus.

Just a thought. Try it. A brief procrastination works for me.

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