Things to Do at Home: Bake a Cake

When I was a child I learned how to bake by watching my grandmothers in the kitchen., it was like watching magic happen. They knew what a measurement was by looking at it. They knew if a cake was baked just right, not to dry not to moist, just by the smell. They knew exactly how long to wait before frosting. They even made all the frosting and decorations from scratched. No Betty Crocker tub frosting for them. Well, not at first. Now there is YouTube where you can watch a video and learn how to do anything, including bake a cake.

Even if you don’t know how to bake, if you have an oven and can read simple directions you can bake a cake. It is really easy with a cake mix. The thing to remember is to follow the measurements exactly, unless you are magic like my grandmothers. Baking isn’t like cooking. You can’t dabble with baking.

Cooking is art and baking is chemistry.

Think about what you can do to sweeten up your day. Fill your home with the sweet smell of a fresh something in the oven.

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