Sunday- I am Thankful for…

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Today is the first day of my birthday week. I have decided for the thought of the day, I will leave you with one thing that I am thankful for and the reason why we should be thankful. It will not always be a deep emotional thought, though it might be. This week should be fun and entertaining for you and me.

Today I am thankful for truck drivers. I know there are a lot of posts out there about how the frontline people of our economy are the essential force during this crisis. In reality they always were the most important workers, all of them. Today I want to specifically say I am thankful for truckers.

Americans no longer provide for themselves. Few grow enough in the garden to feed their family. Some have farms, not many. I personally like to eat and do not have time to work a garden. I hate heat and dirt. I would love to have a cow but as a pet not as a source of meat.

I do buy local when I can, however when I want dragon fruit, kiwi, avocados, bananas, that means it has to come from somewhere and a truck driver brought it.

Several jobs take people away from their family. Today in the current state of our planet that is even more so. For we who are with our family every night, let’s be mindful of that.

Thank you God for big wheels and the people who drive them.

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