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I am not artistic in the painting, drawing, sculpting sense of the word. I am a word artist. I create images in the minds of readers like you.

When I write about a flower that has brilliant red and yellow petals on a stem of green with sunlight shining down on it’s leaves. You can see it in your mind. Writing it gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment.

I have decided to use this art, this painting with words, as therapy. To lose myself in words as a painter does in swirls of paint and color. To bring peace to my soul like a musician does in the playing of music.

That’s why we get therapy. It isn’t because we are perfect with no past hurt. We seek a conduit to quiet the trauma in our beings so that we can become well adjusted in the midst of our happiness.

The good news is I will write more. You will have more to read. The bad news, I am sure not everything I write will be worth reading. I might be chucking some of it in that bucket we talked about.

What is your art? Does your art not only create feelings in you but help you deal with trauma?

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