Little Happy Things

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I like hot showers with sweet-smelling shampoo. I like to put things down and it is there when I go back to pick it up. I like it when my husband and I sit across a table from each other, even when we are working on separate projects, not talking. Sunshine on white sugar beach sand and saltwater on my skin. I like shiny dice, unique silver spoons, blue glass, umbrellas in the summer rain, hot air balloons at sunset, well…any balloon any time….wildflowers on the side of a highway, rubber duckies and marbles. I like to hear children laughing, even better when it is children whom I love. I like words of respect. “Hey I made your coffee.” or “Lori, thank you for that.” Sometimes it is a small simple first bite of yumminess. Hugs, I like hugs.

All these little things and others make me happy. Truly happy.

When I focus on really listening to my feelings, my heart will tell me about happiness.

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