Remember..not all who wander are lost…

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…some are just looking for more coffee….from the mouth of my amazing and often poetic husband who stole that tidbit from the interwebs. After I regained my composure from laughing and accusing him of copyright infringement, no offence Mr J.R.R. Tolkien, I thought he, my husband not J.R.R.T., might be onto something.

Not every quote you see on social media or advice offered by a friend or even a thought of the day given to you by a writer, needs to be take so seriously.

Sure we conveyors of greatness *snicker* want you to heed our words. Strive for improvement by taking the words of wisdom to heart. *laughing out loud* Listen, we know not everyone is impressed. I, in particular know my words are not for everyone. For those who do read, consider and use my ramblings, I am in perpetual awe and am forever grateful.

Take what you want to remember or what speaks to you. Chuck the rest in that bucket.

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