Do Not Wait

Things happen for a reason. The reason may be the consequences for a decision you made or an action you chose. It can also be from your stagnate response. That sitting and waiting for a thing to happen.

If you want something do not sit around and wait for it to magically happen on it’s own or for someone else to do it. Create a plan, execute it, work for it and acquire it.

True, there are some lucky humans who have good things fall from the cosmos into their hands. This can appear to be without much effort on their part. When you really look at those types of people, what good fortune that they have is often a result of their’s or someone’s initiative.

It is fine to pray and ask for help from the divine. To say, I am waiting for an answer or a sign without considering your part in the plan is idiocy.

Go and happen to the things you want. There is no shame in being successful.

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