Want to Change the World?

Change your perspective.

The only constant in this world is change, death and the laws of physics. Though I am no scientist, what do I know. What I do know is there is no reality.

There is only perspective.

Want to change anything in your life, yes anything, try looking at it in a different light. Think about how the situation looks from outside your place in the world.

If you see or think something that feels wrong, give it another look from a different angle. It may not be what you first think or see.

Sounds so simple. It is not. You have to silence the voices in your head that say, “but what about…” or “if only this person would do…” or “I could/can’t because…”

Changing your personal perspective means you have to stop listening to that part of your mind that judges things quickly and with prejudice.

Open your lens, take your time. Make a conscience effort to change perspective. Focus your new view.

You might be surprised at what happens next.

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