What Color is your Hope?

Photo by Amber Lamoreaux on Pexels.com

I see hope as yellow. Like the sunshine. Others see hope blue like calm water or white like purity easily lost.

Hope is a dream a wish for something to come. It isn’t faith. Faith is something you have that says you trust someone else or yourself to do a thing or keep a promise.

Hope is a dream without a plan. A wish for a possibility. Faith in yourself is a dream with plan and the bravery to make it happen.

There is nothing wrong with hope. If hope is all you have hang onto it until it is no longer the focus of your situation. After a while just hoping and not stepping out on faith leads to rigid fear of doing. “Well, I hope that…” and then nothing just more hope.

Picture hope as a color that warms into something else. Yellow hope moves into orange faith and then to red courage to act.

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