On Loss and Sadness

This is my last post for awhile about death. Another teenager, yes that is correct, another teenager, in one of my daughters’ schools committed suicide, my friend is in hospice and my heart hurts from memories of personal loss. What is wrong with the world? Can’t you see, humans, that there is enough sadness on this planet that comes from the natural order of things? Why create more hate, discontent and heartbreak?

I am sort of depressed over the entire thing. Here is a bit of fiction. An excerpt from my current work in progress. When They Fight: A Novel

If I were a little butterfly I would fly around the world until I found you. I would land softly on your shoulder and flutter my soft yellow wings next to your face. I would watch over you while you slept, tickle your nose when you cried, and listen when you talked. I would never leave you. I am not a butterfly and you are not here. You are the one with the ability to fly…you are beating your wings against my heart. Trapped there in a cage of my making. I will fly too one day and I will find you. This time apart is only a blink of an eye in the big scheme of things. Forever…eternity is a long time….life on earth, is not but a moment…a breath…a pen stroke….a smile. I miss you. Death of the body is not the end.

~Lori O’Gara

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