Death in Threes

I am not a superstitious person. I believe that God is in control of fate with the exception of our free will. I have noticed lately there seems to be a quiet mass harvest of souls happening. In my small circle of acquaintances and even smaller circle of friends, there have been nine deaths recently. Three sets of threes.

I know in my good logical brain that it is a coincidence. I know the statistics prove two people die every second on this planet. I have read all the theories that we see patterns that involve the number three. We humans like patterns and are attracted to threes for some unknown reason. Maybe that is why we notice the deaths in sets of threes. Statistically it would make sense if we saw death in patterns of twos.

As we consider what is happening, as people around us die and we see them go three at a time, let’s not lose sight of the three facts of life and death:

Death comes for us all.

With death there is sadness.

Your life and mine on this planet is short.

But today is not the day, you are not a three.

“Death blowing bubbles,” located on the ceiling of the holy Grave Chapel in Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany. c. 1700s. NOTICE 3 BUBBLES
Bubbles symbolize life’s fragility.

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