Broken and still Useful

Why is it that God seems to choose the sinner over the righteous to do his work?

Isaiah preached naked. Rahab was a prostitute. The Samaritan woman was divorced…more than once…Paul was a murderer. Moses was a murderer and couldn’t talk. Noah was a known drunk. The chosen king David coveted another man’s wife and had that man killed. Last year, the FBI released evidence that, during his life, MLK had affairs with over 40 women. Previously to this revelation, his infidelity was already well known. Yet, we celebrate his vision, his dream and his ability to unify humans.

As we enjoy this day off work and think about what MLK stood for, we should not forget he was just a person like you and me. An imperfect person just trying to make a difference in the world.

You too are qualified to make a difference.

No matter what your sin.

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