Do it I Dare You

My mother posted this quote on Facebook….

When someone says, you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures.

She has always been a bit of a rebel. I guess I get some of my take no BS and snarkness from her.

Truth be told, she is on to something.

It is different if someone tells you not to do something that is not safe for you. Please do not try this at home. I get that. Stay safe out there

If someone says you CAN’T it could be that they care nothing about your safety and are jealous of your bravery. They want to do the thing. They do not want you to do it. Maybe it is because they want you to stay under their thumb and doing the thing will free you of their tyranny.

So, I say if you want to do it. Do it.

Just remember you are free to do the thing; however you are not free of the consequences of your actions. I hate that part.

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